paul hornschemeier is a graphic novelist, an illustrator, and a writer. the scope of his distinct style as a visual storyteller has expanded since self-publishing his first experimental comics, and now also includes everything from graphic design to screenwriting assignments. this summer, he will tour in support of his latest book Life with Mr. Dangerous.

website: paul hornschemeier


john perry is a new york city based visual artist who uses drawing and painting to survey the physical world around him. the high level of skill shown in his work, combined with his unique eye for choosing subjects, leaves the audience with an in-depth and engaging view of perry's mind. his most ambitious project, subterrania, began in 1990 and is an ongoing archive of thousands of sketches he has drawn of people below street level.

website: john perry
music: william flynn


brian ulrich explores consumerism, over-consumption and advertising through a long-term art project called copia. now in its tenth year, copia has evolved from its photographic origins to also include found objects which he repurposes to address these social and political issues. his work resides in major museum collections such as the art institute of chicago, the cleveland museum of art, the museum of contemporary art san diego, and the museum of contemporary photography.

website: brian ulrich
music: rory o'connor


jessica labatte is a photographer who challenges the confines of the medium. her intricate images call attention to their construct while simultaneously engaging the viewer. here, we watch her as she discusses that balance, her approach, and some of her most recent successes.

website: jessica labatte


jason lazarus is an ever-evolving artist whose photographs are visually striking technical achievements. through titling and the context of their creation, his pieces demand to be considered in both the conceptual, and performance art spheres. in this video, we hear him discuss how he's expanded the role of his artistic approach into a still further field.

website: jason lazarus


tom long creates hyper intricate landscapes that are steeped in a beautiful combination of science fiction and ancient persian art. his work has been shown at the art fair in london, auga art fair in miami, the lisa boyle gallery in chicago, and the next art fair in chicago, among other notable venues. this video shows tom discussing his work ethic and reflecting on his place within the mainstream art community.

website: tom long


caris reid is an artist working in new york whose paintings and collages investigate characters we might find in hidden, unknown worlds. her work has taken her across our world for exhibitions and residencies for nearly a decade, and currently, she is also a contributing editor for dossier journal. in this video, we see caris taking us through her influences and giving us a glimpse into how she channels such absorbed, surreal themes.

website: caris reid


stephen eichhorn composes beautiful, elaborate collages from a variety of materials that he meticulously removes and repossesses from disparate sources. the playfulness and sincerity in his work has won him international praise and recognition. in this video, we watch him construct new work while discussing both his method and larger artistic ideologies.

website: stephen eichhorn


curtis creates new photography by physically erasing and manipulating found amateur snapshots. this tension between creation and destruction in his process expands the boundaries of photography, and forms unique works that are full of experimentation and beauty. this series of works has had curtis showing all over the world, including the 2010 whitney biennial. in this video, curtis walks us through some of his techniques and shares the insights he has formed while developing his art.

website: curtis mann


experimental art duo white/light perform thick instrumental improvisations that range from the beautiful to the rabid. their most recent installation at the museum of contemporary art in chicago created a sonic landscape that was altered depending on the level of audience participation and by the periodic live performances from the group in collaborations with special guests. this video features the two members of the group, matt clark and jeremy lemos, talking about their work and walking us through the setup.

website: white/light